Zucchetti visioncheckout:
The 100% autonomous checkout for your canteen!





Pure innovation: via camera, the visioncheckout recognises all items and automatically books them in the cash register.
Scan, pay, enjoy! 

The fastest checkout for your customers

Items have always been visually recorded during checkout in company restaurants - because it couldn't be faster or more accurate. We teach cash registers how to see to ensure the best possible precision, reliability and convenience, while shortening queues in company restaurants and canteens. Using AI-based food recognition, the visioncheckout reliably detects all items and automatically books them into the POS system.

No more queues!

All items on the trays are recognised in half a second. This ensures a smooth and rapid throughput and thus, your guests can enjoy their lunch break instead of having to wait in line.

100% contactless 

No clicks, no buttons, no hick-ups. It couldn't be any easier than that!

Optimised workforce deployment 

Take your service quality to the next level. Save time and costs and deploy your staff where you need them most. Zucchetti's visioncheckout takes care of the rest!

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