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Thank you for visiting Zucchetti at the Retail Technology Show in London! We are happy to tell you more about our extensive solution portfolio and about how our solutions can help YOU meet the demands of your business and re-invent the customer experience.


TCPOS - ‘Omni-functional Retail & Hospitality Point of Sale’

Zucchetti’s leading POS solution offers a range of products that is unrivalled, allowing retailers to gain major competitive advantages and to rely on a single partner for all their needs. A complete multi-disciplinary approach allows Zucchetti to develop products and services of the highest quality, guaranteeing the best solutions in the market.

Tilby - ‘Embrace the kiosk Revolution’

With Tilby, you can Surpass customer expectations for a faster more convenient experience. Align your brand through the self-service interface, eradicate queues, increase sales via intuitive software, and create a superior experience that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Item Recognition - ‘Discover New Operation Efficiencies’

Focused on helping organisations achieve superior staff and customer experiences as well as driving maximum revenues. Zucchetti’s expansive portfolio offers total automation with the integration of sophisticated A.I technology that analyses customer purchases, and completely replaces the requirement for traditional cashier-staffed POS.

ERP & POS Integration - ‘Making Seamless Retail a Reality’

Zucchetti is at forefront when providing  the latest point of sale and analytic technology integrations. A powerhouse in EPOS & workforce management solutions Zucchetti proudly offers integrations between ERP ‘Mago’ and POS ‘TCPOS’, realising a cost effective, scalable and future-proof solution that is adaptable for any industry environment or business sector.  

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